Wednesday, 7 May 2014

post-pregnancy recovery

Although I read a little about what to expect after birth, all of the focus was on the baby so it was easy to forget that my body would be healing. As I had a smooth birth and didn't need stitches, what I've experienced is probably the best possible scenario that most women must experience at the very least. 

I had a cut that needed time to heal, this meant that I had a horrible stinging sensation each time I peed. This cleared up after a couple of weeks. I didn't use anything apart from some hot baths and wet wipes after going to the loo, which were kinder to it than toilet paper. I did have a funny waddle to rival my pregnancy waddle, but I think getting out and about so soon helped the healing process.

Although I was quick to heal, everything was sensitive for a while. Luckily I peed very easily, (the motivation of going home from hospital helped) but getting other bowel movements going was more difficult. It felt like if I pushed I'd be putting pressure on everything that was healing. It meant that I didn't go until I really really had to over the first week or two. So, make sure you eat lots of fibre to help!

Bleeding is talked about more, but from what I read and was told I stocked up on lots of 'heavy' pads and was expecting a very heavy flow and bleeding for 6-8 weeks. Thankfully it was like a heavy period for a couple of days and then I'd say medium for a week. I then had another week or so if on/ off spotting which came in waves. When Hugo's was feeding more, it kick started it. By four weeks I had nothing.

After three weeks I was at my pre-pregnancy weight, but I was overweight at the time so still have some way to go! Although supposedly at that weight, it seems to be spread differently. My double chin has turned into a triple chin and although my stomachs always been big, it's a bit bigger, as are my boobs, naturally. Once I stopped breastfeeding the weight started to pile on again, so it's a challenge to start eating smaller portions as I'm now feeding for one!

The sensation of the uterus contracting back was wonderful, it ached a little but it felt like my body was becoming normal again! I also really enjoyed being able to lie on my front and hugging Adi closer without a bump! 

I didn't have stretch-marks throughout pregnancy but a few have appeared after birth. They are tiny and don't at all bother me. There is one mark which is more red in colour and I'm calling this my Hugo birth mark. It's a proud mark of having him inside of me and giving birth to him. I really hope other mums are proud if their post-baby marks too.

Aside from the stinging, the worst part of the recovery was coping with lower back pain while having to frequently lift Hugo in and out of a low crib. I'll definitely invest in a bed height crib next time. 

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