Monday, 5 May 2014

the little things - 6 week update

I'd intended to do a monthly update from now on, but it seems like a month is way too long to make note of the little things - half his life so far(!) so here's an update about Hugo between 4-6 weeks.

- his crying has become slightly more frequent, but still only when he's hungry and I don't get the bottle in time (he's having to be more patient than breastfeeding) or when he's windy and I can't get rid of it
- he's still snoring all of the time - I thought it may be a phase while he had a cold but it's definitely just him!
- when he's startled, he'll scrunch up his face and his bottom lip will come out, as if he's about to scream, but nothing comes out and he'll settle again - apart from the odd occasion when he's let out a slight whimper
- he's a very noisy eater, perhaps the reason for lots of wind as he breathes lots of air in
- he still absolutely loves singing and will follow me as I dance!
- I've been singing 'Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes' and 'If You're Happy And You Know It' while changing him, to get him used to body parts and 'Round and Round the Garden' and 'This Little Piggy'
- 'Happy' by Pharrell Williams is currently played a lot and so often in my head, but the songs are more varied at the moment. I've tried some nursery rhymes too but don't know the lyrics!
smiling to changing time songs
- his smiles light up his whole face and eyes and he oos and aahs at the same time
- he still gets windy smiles too which are different, with more of a closed mouth
- when he's still half asleep and I pick him up he'll stay tucked up in the foetal position
- his head and legs continue to be strong and he can turn his head from side to side when on his front
- he loves being up on his feet
- his grip is very strong too - he can pull on my hair
- he's found his thumb, but doesn't suck it just yet
- he responds to me and Adi and definitely knows who his parents are! I was giving Hugo his bedtime feed, Adi came in and he literally let go of the bottle in his mouth and let out a massive grin when Adi showed his face!
- we've managed to put him down to sleep while he's awake a few times now, not every night, but the majority
- if we need him to be settled for any reason he'll fall asleep straight away in his swing seat
- he sleeps with his arms above his head, it's how we can tell he's fully settled
- he likes the bouncer seat upstairs, but not so much downstairs
- he still responds most to black and white patterns and shadows
standard sleeping position
- he's now on the bottle having gradually moved over to formula over the past week or so
- he's started to use his tongue to indicate he's hungry, rather than rooting
- it's sometimes hard to get the bottle in his mouth because he'll be eating his hands
- he holds the bottle or grips my fingers while feeding rather than his face (most of the time)
- he'll feed all in one go most of the time, with a wind in-between
- he is more windy, but will burp properly so doesn't get trapped wind
- he's often sick after eating, especially if laid down to change too soon after a feed
- he has less hiccups but still more than most!
hand in mouth
Changing and Bathing:
- he enjoys his nappy being changed now as he responds to my face and voice as I change him
- he'll now cope with being taken out of the bath so enjoys the bathtime routine
- his poos are explosive, as they are more built up and less frequent than the breastmilk poos
- we've had some poo incidents - in the bath, on the play mat and up his back
kicking about in the bath, but slightly cautious
- his face is filling out, so it's becoming more round, with less of a jawline
- he's getting a little fat on his skin, but still very thin
- his hair is almost all lighter now, just with a few darker bits around the side, as if he's had a bowl cut
- everyone says he looks like his dad, but that there is definitely a bit of me in him
- he's got incredibly dark eyes, I think they are turning from blue to brown
- he has a half smile that turns into a full smile
- all of the newborn size clothes have been put away as they no longer fit
- some of the 0-3 month clothes are massive and some are small, he'll outgrow the tops much quicker than the bottoms as he's got a long torso
- I love putting him in all-in-ones, they suit him the best
filling out and more alert

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