Monday, 5 May 2014

life lately - a very happy week

Last week was ace, mainly due to the fact that I finally got to catch up with some of my favourite girls from my old workplace the Brooke. I don't usually leave it so long, but having a baby kind've put halt to any London trips for a good few months. Not only did I get down to London (read here) but I also met friends at one of my favourite spots, Rutland Water, later in the week. Double win. 

I also had two meet ups with girls from NCT so I finally feel like I'm settling in to the area. Monday was coffee with one of the girls who is still pregnant. I love how I say 'meeting for coffee' when I don't actually drink coffee, or even tea for that matter. It was great to be able to share my birth experience with her and be so honestly positive about the whole thing! There are so many negative stories out there and I'm very lucky to have had such a smooth ride. 

Thursday was lunch at another's to introduce Hugo to her son Harry, before heading to it first mums and babies group. And what an experience that was! Never have I ever seen so many mums and babies all under the age of 12 months. There must have been about 40 mums at least - two huge circles around playmats in the middle. Although I got more out of the group than Hugo we'll definitely be back. It'll be fantastic as he becomes more aware of his surroundings, with lots to play with, song time and a parachute. 

I'm not sure what's made me more happy, time spent with friends and Hugo or the sunshine! Having a spring baby is just the best! On Sunday we had friends over and were able to get out into the garden to let the kids run about. It's made me want to make our garden a little more child friendly now, even though Hugo won't appreciate it until next year, it'd be good to have a few toys for visitors. For now we're lucky to have a park with swings and a slide a few minutes walk away.

My happiness level could also be high due to some breakthroughs with Hugo. It turns out that the bottle does have some great upsides which seem to out way the guilt I've felt. An update on Hugo's development will be coming soon. 

(28th April - 4th May)

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