Monday, 26 May 2014

Hugo's first jabs

Last Tuesday I walked down to the doctors to give Hugo his first jabs. I was a lot calmer building up to it than I thought, but it turned out to be the worst day I've had so far. He was in his happy morning mood smiling away and I was looking directly into his eyes smiling back at him when the nurse put the first needle in his thigh. I felt absolutely awful, like I'd tricked him. His face went from smiling, to shock and then a crumpled cry.

His cry was a proper pained cry, unlike anything I've heard before. I settled him down and then he started again, as if to say 'no but it really does hurt'. The second jab set him off again, but I was able to soothe him okay with some of his bottle and a cuddle on my chest.

We took a long walk home along the river to explore a new end of the village and connect it together. He slept all the way home and for a while in the pram after, but when he waked the pained cry started again. I settled him on my chest again and he wouldn't settle for the rest of the day unless he was asleep on me.

He was much better that evening when Adi was home but he was still out of sorts. The next day he slept a lot while we wandered around Swithen's Farm, but later on I realised he hadn't pooed and was getting frustrated. All afternoon he was writhing around with moans and cries, but like the day before, just before Adi came home he pooed and was fine for the evening!

The struggle with pooing lasted for another week, as did a snotty nose and generally being out of sorts. After the first poo he didn't go for another two days and I could tell he was unhappy with constipation. I tried giving him water and fruit juice to help relieve him, but nothing worked. When he eventually did poo it was very thick and harder than normal. That seemed to unblock him and the next day he did an explosion! Mum and Dad hadn't noticed as he was happily playing on his mat, but I got there just in time to get the babygrow off him and get him in the bath before anything was ruined - apart from his babygrow which was binned! Thankfully we weren't out and he wasn't in a lovely outfit!

I'm absolutely dreading the next jabs. It feels like he's only just back to his normal self and they are going to come up so fast. I wanted Adi to come with me but it's the one day of the month he can't choose his own shift. His mum is away and mine will be working, so it looks like I'll have another difficult day. I'll make sure to prepare food beforehand this time (making tuna sandwiches with one hand while a baby is attached to me is quite a feat!)

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