Tuesday, 27 May 2014

life lately - overdoing it in Nottingham

The week started off pretty rubbish. I was feeling rough with hayfever and Hugo was under the weather as the result of his jabs. We picked ourselves up for a lovely day out at Swithen's Farm and then headed off to Nottingham for a long weekend on Thursday while Adi did a few evening shifts in a row.

I keep saying this and never learn, but I overdid it again.

On Thursday we headed straight from Babybuds down the (very slow) M1 to Maggie's to visit my old colleagues, then on to my Nanna's, followed by my brothers. I finally ended up back at my mum and dads but it meant we'd missed Hugo's normal bedtime. I don't see a problem with that on the odd occasion, but I want to stick to a routine as much as possible. It's amazing how tiring it is simply lifting Hugo in and out the car, especially while trying to dodge some heavy downpours!

Saturday was similarly tiring, I visited my oldest friend Rebecca on Blake Road, headed straight over to my grandparents picking dad up on route and arrived back at Hunky Dory for an evening with Layla and Rich.

Sandwiched in the middle was a trip to Loughborough with mum. She's been making significant improvements so I took her out for the first time in weeks so that she could return something to a shop. I'd always had Loughborough in my mind as a lovely little small town but I was very wrong. Like most small towns, it's struggling. We did manage to pick up a couple of cheeky charity shop bargains though (my new favourite pastime).

Being away is more tiring because Adi isn't around to help with any of the feeds in the night and as much as my parents offer to help, I don't like to put that on them when they are working so hard or ill. I also feel like I need to see everyone every time. 

(19th - 25th May)

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