Monday, 2 June 2014

life lately - 10 things to talk about

I've been really behind with writing this blog but I've realised just why I do it. This week I thought it had been a quiet week with not much going on. But really when I looked back I realised that I just had a couple of chilled days, that's all! Here's a list of what I've been up to, because sometimes writing is too much, but the reminder is worth it. And because I like lists of 10.

1. The week started with a bank holiday BBQ. We had a bunch of Adi's mates over for a house-warming. There were 8 couples and 10 kids between us which was quite a feat, but luckily the rain held off until everyone was well fed.

Some lessons:
- Do buy a mini-bouncy castle - our friends brought theirs over which was a huge hit and kept all of the kids occupied all afternoon
- Don't put the bbq by the back doors 
- Do sort the back door so that the step isn't so high 
- Do double and triple check that the dishwasher isn't working before hand washing all dishes 
- Don't buy enough food to feed a small army
- Do accept Sam's offer to man the BBQ 
- Do get mum to make pavlova bases 
- Don't worry about stocking up on alcohol - friends with kids don't drink as much

2. Mum and Layla came up to babysit so that me and Adi could have our first date night since Hugo was born. We went to Xscape to play adventure golf and have cocktails. It was so, so lovely! We plan to have a date night each month.

3. My good friend Eve was travelling back to London via Leeds so I finally met her boyfriend over lunch at Trinity Kitchen. We laid Hugo out on the table so that he could have a kick about and had a good catch up. Her new (or not so new) man is lovely - a good smile makes all the difference!

4. Desperate Housewives has consumed my life! It's been 10 years since I studied it for my media ALevel and I never finished all 8 series. I'm almost done - thanks to Netflix for saving the day after it was taken down from sky.

5. My Zumba DVD was put into action and I occupied Hugo with a 45 minute workout. It was the first exercise since Hugo's birth and really it had been a long time before then that I was active.

6. I re-logged on to myfitnesspal to start watching what I eat. It's going to be a slow process but it felt good to regain control.

7. I drove over to where Adi's brother was playing cricket to see his family on Saturday because we couldn't get over together this weekend. I love spending time with Thomas and I can't help but use him as a basis of what I can expect from Hugo in a couple of years time!

8. I popped in to our friends Sean and Karina as they live in the same town as the cricket. It's so good to be able to do that now and gradually see more of people. Their new garden is ace and made me want to crack on with ours!

9. Mum met me at Rothwell Table Tots sale on the way home from picking up an ebay purchase - surprise surprise! Mum bought a buggy to have at hers and we filled it with lots of bargains! 

10. I spent Sunday afternoon clearing out the shed and Adi did some weeding on the front lawn. I'm gradually re-organising the house now that we've lived here for a few months and know how the house works for us. It feels so good to declutter and give everything a home.

(26th May - 1st June)

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