Wednesday, 18 June 2014

life lately - family time, Adi time and me time

June! Jeeze, we're almost half way through the year already! I can't quite believe it. Cliché I know, but I was really hoping that this year would go slowly so that I can savour my time with Hugo, but it's quite the opposite.

Adi recently had 11 days off which was amazing! He very much needed a break and deserved some chilled time, but I felt like I needed some time off from 24hr Hugo duty too! It was a bit of a battle to compromise between us but it worked out in the end and we managed some time to ourselves, some time together and some time as a family.

Adi time:
- In the evenings we've cracked open a bottle of wine and sat down to do a jigsaw together. We finished the last series of Desperate Housewives and have just started Orange is the new Black, although that'll now be put on hold while the World Cup is on I'm sure! We hadn't done a jigsaw together since we left our house in London and it felt so good. It's my favourite sort of evening with Adi because we chat in a way that we wouldn't just lying on the sofa. We did our first one on holiday and it's now become a bit of a thing, each with a specific role (mine is the border and fitting Adi's larger chunks together). The only problem is that I get really into it and can't stop, so stay up way too late considering I have to be up in the night to feed Hugo.

- We headed out on Saturday night for a friends birthday. It started off at a very lovely cocktail bar 'the Botanist' by the Trinity centre in Leeds. We then headed slightly off piste and ended up in a cabaret bar. It wasn't my first choice for a night out - especially in a mixed crowd, but I actually had a great night and the 'shag' slush puppies went down a treat, as did being fanned down on the dance floor by a transvestite. The bar men in boxers was slightly degrading, but a free cabaret show made me feel like I was in Thailand so I just went with it! The taxi back was cheaper than expected which means lots more nights out in Leeds are on the cards.

- I looked after our friend Sam's son on Wednesday to give Adi and Sam some time together to play golf. I was nervous about looking after Dan for the first time. Apart from babysitting when I was a teenager, I've never looked after young children on my own. I took him to the perfect place - Swithen's Farm - which kept him well occupied. It's always a good sign when the child is having so much fun they don't want to go home, so I think it was a success! It was a good test of how I'll handle having a baby when Hugo's a little older. Thankfully Hugo is so easy it wasn't a problem - fingers crossed I can say the same when we have child no.2.

Family time:
- We spent the day with Mum, Dad, Joe and Sophie at Methley Scarecrow Festival on Sunday. I always want Hugo to be in his best mood when we have visitors so that they can see him as his normal happy self. Typically when I have visitors we often do things in the local area, which means Hugo isn't in his favourite spot - on his playmat! It was an incredibly hot and stuffy day and he coped amazingly well in his pram, but understandably when we finally got home he was a little out of sorts, as shown in the picture below! It's those sort of days that are what I imagined family life to be.

- Throughout the week we went for a few walks and explored a couple of villages just north of us, to try and find a good village pub (the one thing slightly lacking in Methley). We ended up in Barwick in Elmet, which had a good pub, but I'm not quite sure we've found our 'go to' country pub just yet.

Me time:
- On Saturday I met Karina for a few hours of shopping with the intention of buying something new for our night out. I rarely enjoy shopping with others because I feel conscious of what I'm picking up and how I look, but Karina's shape isn't too disimilar to mine and it was more of an excuse to leave Hugo with Adi for a few hours of down time! I'm gradually renewing my wardrobe, I'll write about this shortly.

- The main 'me time' was the weekend which most certainly deserves a post of its own. I had been apprehensive about leaving Hugo for a weekend, but it was so, so worth it! It also meant that I missed Hugo and Adi's first fathers day, but I left a present and card ready for him - a round of golf at Oulton Hall which is our local club. I really hope that one day in the not too distant future Adi can become a member.

p.s.In other news I got my first period in a year. I haven't missed it one little bit, but thankfully it arrived in advance of my glamping weekend!

(5th - 12th June)

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