Wednesday, 11 June 2014

the routine - moving to the cotbed and big bath

Two weeks ago we moved Hugo into the cotbed in his own room. I felt really emotional. It was such a big step. I know all of the advice is to have him in our room for the first 3-6 months, but he was starting to outgrow the crib and it was waking him up when he hit the sides with his arms, or had them dangling between the rods. A few friends said that they had put their baby in their own room from 6-8 weeks, so around 10 weeks didn't seem too early. It also means that he wasn't too aware of his surroundings when we made the transition.

Because the nursery is so close to us it hasn't been a problem with hearing him, if anything it's good because I'm not quite as quick to jump up and make a bottle and sometimes he'll go back to sleep. That said, I have to be much quicker getting the bottle when he is ready!

He has slept much better since being in his own room - not having Adi snoring must help too! Sometimes he'll sleep for a 6 hour stint and other times he'll wake every 3-4 hours. To encourage the long stint through the night we've started waking him between 11 and 12 to give him a last nappy change and feed. This means that an average night now is sleeping from 8-11-5-8 - give or take.

He also outgrew the baby bath so at the same time we started putting him in the big bath. He absolutely loves splashing about, with no restrictions on the sides.

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