Wednesday, 9 July 2014

life lately - a few of my favourite things

A few of my favourite things:

  • Lazy days in the garden with Hugo chilling in his tent, not allowing myself to worry too much about the gardening I should be doing! 
  • Lazy afternoons in mums garden, thinking how amazingly beautiful it is in comparison to the conifer lined lawn when we moved in, and therefore how beautiful mine could be with a little more effort..
  • Going against my sensible self and booking tickets to Bermuda to see my lovely Freya marry her childhood sweetheart, with Hugo and Adi (I'm planning a few posts about this 'have baby, will travel' - more on that to come)
  • Escaping Hugo and Adi for a while on my bike around St Aidan's
  • Walks in the park, smelling the roses and being a big kid on the swings
  • Walks around mums village and bumping into an old school friend - I can't believe it's been ten years!
  • Getting into the spirit of the Tour de France in Yorkshire with a crepe at Rivers Meet - my plans to watch it didn't come into fruition but I felt proud to live in such a beautiful county and it inspired me to get out to see more of it!
  • Eating strawberries hand-picked from our plot in the corner of the garden, and meeting our resident frog
  • Buying flowers to brighten up the home ready for the NCT ladies and babies coming over - I really shouldn't need such an excuse
  • Giggles on demand from Hugo, be it because of a bumpy road, silly noises, fake sneezes or funny faces
  • Buying a new 50mm lens from a friend so that I can make more of an effort with my photos (I'm sick of my half arsed iphone efforts)
  • The loan of a jumperoo from my sister in law which has kept Hugo incredibly happy and occupied
  • Seeing more of my nephew and our friends kids - it's so great to be more involved with their life!

*Meanwhile I've never seen so much poo in all my life, albeit baby poo! Hugo's tummy has been poorly, but he's still a very happy boy, apart from an out of character inconsolable crying fit for his auntie and uncle - poor them!

^^ The last two were the first with my new lens. I realise my hand isn't far enough away from the lens on the first, so the focus is wrong, but I've put it up anyway! I can instantly see how good the photos will be with some practice!

(30th June - 9th July)

Saturday, 5 July 2014

to have a naming ceremony or not to have a naming ceremony, that is thequestion

I am an atheist, as is Adi, so Christening Hugo is absolutely most certainly out of the question. However, I have always liked the idea of having an alternative celebration, such as a naming ceremony.

The idea is that on his first birthday, we would have a big party, say a few words about the first year and introduce 'guide parents'.

The pros: 
- ensuring Hugo has some dedicated individuals to turn to, each living quite different lives so that he has input into his upbringing from different angles
- being able to show certain friends that we value them and want them to be involved in our children's lives - particularly for me a few girls that weren't involved in my wedding but who I look back and wish had been
- a celebration of Hugo's life and welcoming him in to the family - we have a marriage celebration with family to welcome the other person into the family, so why not welcome a child in a similar way

The cons:
- we already have two brothers and a sister, each with partners, so Hugo has six aunties and uncles already, who will I'm sure offer the guidance and support he needs
- some of the friends I value and would love to ask don't live nearby, therefore how much could they be involved with Hugo's life?
- my parents haven't remained close to my godparents, so I haven't had a close relationship with them, but that's not to say that I wouldn't have liked to

I'm swaying towards the pros but Adi doesn't really see much point. I think if naming ceremonies were the norm he may consider it, but it's maybe too left field for him.

If this was the sort of blog that lots of people read this is where I could do with some advice from anyone who has had one, or anyone who has valued their godparents in a different way to their aunties and uncles.

Friday, 4 July 2014

energised by endorphins

On Wednesday Hugo was in an abnormally fractious mood. I couldn't seem to make him happy and he was gnawing away at his fists and anything within mouthable distance, so I put it down to teething.

I was in a foul mood too. I was just simply fed up. Adi was off work and I felt like I needed a break too. 

While Hugo was napping I took the opportunity to de-weed our strawberry patch and pick some strawbs. The endorphins and sunshine instantly lifted my mood but I was suddenly brought back down again when Hugo woke. 

On the one hand, Hugo being difficult made me realise just how wonderful he is the majority of the time, but for some reason his timing was off and I just felt like my mood was rubbing off on him and vice versa. My mind was spiralling and I just needed to go!

So I flew. I just got up and left (Adi was with Hugo!) on my bike, which I had last ridden a whole 13 months ago on the day I told my parents I was expecting Hugo!

And my god did it feel good. As much as I like walking, I'm always wanting to go faster so I can discover more and take more in. To have the wind in my hair and freedom was incredible! I cannot wait until Hugo is big enough for a bike seat.

I cycled with nowhere in mind and ended up finding a perfect circular route via St Aidan's country park (I think RSPB are definitely no longer running it because they've taken the signs down - a huge shame).

I returned home a different person. 

It is rare that when I have the chance to exercise I want to because I'm so tired, but I need to remember to try and take any chance and go, because it felt so damn good. 

Plus, I have a Bermuda body to think about, but more about that later!