Friday, 4 July 2014

energised by endorphins

On Wednesday Hugo was in an abnormally fractious mood. I couldn't seem to make him happy and he was gnawing away at his fists and anything within mouthable distance, so I put it down to teething.

I was in a foul mood too. I was just simply fed up. Adi was off work and I felt like I needed a break too. 

While Hugo was napping I took the opportunity to de-weed our strawberry patch and pick some strawbs. The endorphins and sunshine instantly lifted my mood but I was suddenly brought back down again when Hugo woke. 

On the one hand, Hugo being difficult made me realise just how wonderful he is the majority of the time, but for some reason his timing was off and I just felt like my mood was rubbing off on him and vice versa. My mind was spiralling and I just needed to go!

So I flew. I just got up and left (Adi was with Hugo!) on my bike, which I had last ridden a whole 13 months ago on the day I told my parents I was expecting Hugo!

And my god did it feel good. As much as I like walking, I'm always wanting to go faster so I can discover more and take more in. To have the wind in my hair and freedom was incredible! I cannot wait until Hugo is big enough for a bike seat.

I cycled with nowhere in mind and ended up finding a perfect circular route via St Aidan's country park (I think RSPB are definitely no longer running it because they've taken the signs down - a huge shame).

I returned home a different person. 

It is rare that when I have the chance to exercise I want to because I'm so tired, but I need to remember to try and take any chance and go, because it felt so damn good. 

Plus, I have a Bermuda body to think about, but more about that later!

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