Saturday, 5 July 2014

to have a naming ceremony or not to have a naming ceremony, that is thequestion

I am an atheist, as is Adi, so Christening Hugo is absolutely most certainly out of the question. However, I have always liked the idea of having an alternative celebration, such as a naming ceremony.

The idea is that on his first birthday, we would have a big party, say a few words about the first year and introduce 'guide parents'.

The pros: 
- ensuring Hugo has some dedicated individuals to turn to, each living quite different lives so that he has input into his upbringing from different angles
- being able to show certain friends that we value them and want them to be involved in our children's lives - particularly for me a few girls that weren't involved in my wedding but who I look back and wish had been
- a celebration of Hugo's life and welcoming him in to the family - we have a marriage celebration with family to welcome the other person into the family, so why not welcome a child in a similar way

The cons:
- we already have two brothers and a sister, each with partners, so Hugo has six aunties and uncles already, who will I'm sure offer the guidance and support he needs
- some of the friends I value and would love to ask don't live nearby, therefore how much could they be involved with Hugo's life?
- my parents haven't remained close to my godparents, so I haven't had a close relationship with them, but that's not to say that I wouldn't have liked to

I'm swaying towards the pros but Adi doesn't really see much point. I think if naming ceremonies were the norm he may consider it, but it's maybe too left field for him.

If this was the sort of blog that lots of people read this is where I could do with some advice from anyone who has had one, or anyone who has valued their godparents in a different way to their aunties and uncles.

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