Wednesday, 10 September 2014

a Bowie birthday

At the weekend I headed down south for Eve's 30th - a birthday picnic and sports day style games in the park dressed as her idol Bowie (thank god she didn't choose her other idol Alice Cooper).

I wasn't sure how much effort I'd make, but getting ready at Eve's meant I got carried away and went full on with red hair and pale, bold make up. Eve looked ace and her boyfriend almost (but not quite) stole the show from her with his efforts in drag!

It was fun walking the streets of London in fancy dress, but the feeling of being coated in all sorts of crap got to me after a while so I removed it for the evening in a pub. (That and the fact that all bar one of my fellow Brooke folk dressed up and I'd sweated the majority off anyway).

I rarely catch buses in London but it was the easiest way to Eve's. I'm not too familiar with east London so I loved driving through Stoke Newington. I discovered so much more than I had before, with loads of cute caf├ęs and vintage stores. Clissold Park, which we made home for the day, was lovely too with ponds, deer, a pretty house (complete with pretty bride) and lots more that I'm yet to explore. I just love London parks and feel like sometimes greenery is even more accessible in London than when actually living in the country. They're just the best at parks - and by they I mean the Victorian's!

So, in summary:

  • I really, really miss having London on my doorstep
  • The Brooke was perhaps the best decision I ever made, they employ the greatest people 
  • I wish I could have been teleported into my bed with my baby in the morning
  • I realise I'm leaving the London part of me behind - I forgot my oyster (again)
  • I'm turning into one of those mums, you know, the ones that show pictures and videos of their babies and talk about poo. A lot. To people that came to an East London girls birthday. Enough said.
  • I will consider spending more to buy an open return next time, or just come to terms with my body clock running three hours earlier than it used to
  • I miss sitting next to Eve everyday and singing the Friday song
  • I'm pondering opening my own re-fillable wine store up north