Wednesday, 9 July 2014

life lately - a few of my favourite things

A few of my favourite things:

  • Lazy days in the garden with Hugo chilling in his tent, not allowing myself to worry too much about the gardening I should be doing! 
  • Lazy afternoons in mums garden, thinking how amazingly beautiful it is in comparison to the conifer lined lawn when we moved in, and therefore how beautiful mine could be with a little more effort..
  • Going against my sensible self and booking tickets to Bermuda to see my lovely Freya marry her childhood sweetheart, with Hugo and Adi (I'm planning a few posts about this 'have baby, will travel' - more on that to come)
  • Escaping Hugo and Adi for a while on my bike around St Aidan's
  • Walks in the park, smelling the roses and being a big kid on the swings
  • Walks around mums village and bumping into an old school friend - I can't believe it's been ten years!
  • Getting into the spirit of the Tour de France in Yorkshire with a crepe at Rivers Meet - my plans to watch it didn't come into fruition but I felt proud to live in such a beautiful county and it inspired me to get out to see more of it!
  • Eating strawberries hand-picked from our plot in the corner of the garden, and meeting our resident frog
  • Buying flowers to brighten up the home ready for the NCT ladies and babies coming over - I really shouldn't need such an excuse
  • Giggles on demand from Hugo, be it because of a bumpy road, silly noises, fake sneezes or funny faces
  • Buying a new 50mm lens from a friend so that I can make more of an effort with my photos (I'm sick of my half arsed iphone efforts)
  • The loan of a jumperoo from my sister in law which has kept Hugo incredibly happy and occupied
  • Seeing more of my nephew and our friends kids - it's so great to be more involved with their life!

*Meanwhile I've never seen so much poo in all my life, albeit baby poo! Hugo's tummy has been poorly, but he's still a very happy boy, apart from an out of character inconsolable crying fit for his auntie and uncle - poor them!

^^ The last two were the first with my new lens. I realise my hand isn't far enough away from the lens on the first, so the focus is wrong, but I've put it up anyway! I can instantly see how good the photos will be with some practice!

(30th June - 9th July)

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