Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Methley Scarecrow Festival

This weekend my village hosted its annual scarecrow festival. We didn't sign up to do one this year because I wanted to get an idea of the standard first. I'm possibly one of the most competitive people I know, so I can't do a half arsed effort, but also wouldn't want to go overboard and be that overly keen 'new person in the village'.

It turns out that some people go to huge lengths - think sound accompaniments, big scenes and small details! Below are a selection of my favourites. The theme this year was 'anything goes'. We'll have to wait until next year's theme is announced before we decide what we'll do, but I promise whatever we decide it'll be a proper scarecrow made of hay. I understand the use of manequins, toys, paper mache and so on to add to the creation, but there needs to be at least something made out of hay surely?!

The weather was miserable on Saturday but the sun made it out on Sunday, as did we - despite our hangovers. It seemed like the whole village was out too which gave the day a festive feeling :) The combination of hot weather and a hangover meant I didn't manage to walk around the whole village, but apparently it's the biggest village in Europe so that's fair enough.

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