Tuesday, 20 May 2014

discovering Yorkshire - Temple Newsam

Auntie Layla came to visit on Sunday and it was a beautiful day so we headed out to Temple Newsam. It's probably the nearest large house and grounds from us, only about a 20 minute drive either up the M1 or through some prettier back roads.

The house itself isn't really much to shout about, (it's pretty industrial as Layla said) but the grounds were beautiful. We didn't manage to explore it all as pushing a pram in the sun is surprisingly hard work, but what we did see was plenty.

We parked (for free which was a bonus) in a shaded area by the lake, ideal for keeping the car cool on a really hot day. Although there was a map, it wasn't very clear so we wandered along the lake in the direction of the house. The most amazing walkway of blossom was in full bloom, with spring colours to the right and autumnal colours to the left (I only captured the spring colours) below.

To save money we had a sandwich from home (can't quite call it a picnic as it was a little pathetic) but we headed to the cafe for something sweet. It's in a lovely courtyard area next to the house which also has a gift shop and plants for sale.

On our walk we passed tree lined gardens, a walled garden, rolling hills of open grass and lots of secluded spaces but there's plenty more to explore next time - even a farm for Hugo to meet the animals when he's a little older!

Considering it was a really hot day it wasn't a problem to park and the grounds didn't feel overcrowded. The only downside of the day was noticing a huge area full of litter on the grass that a group had obviously left behind. A couple of girls had started to clear up and we joined in. It's so frustrating that people would ruin such a beautiful spot for others. Especially somewhere that is free for everyone to enjoy. Hopefully some people saw our combined cleaning up effort and will pass on a good deed.

It was so good to wander around somewhere new and put the world to rights. I'm lucky to have such a spot right on my doorstep. As we were chatting non-stop I didn't take many photos. I really want to start taking more but it's always the way, the more fun you're having the less chance to capture it!

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