Wednesday, 21 May 2014

life lately - productive mornings and 'play'dates

Productive mornings: 
The week started rather too early for me with a 8.45am doctors appointment for Hugo's 6-8 week check. I met my new lovely, young, attractive, male doctor who was completely smitten with Hugo! He was being such a show off, smiling and gurgling while the doctor did all of his checks (some of which usually upset babies). It got me thinking, the doctor may be ideal for Hugo, but I failed to ask the odd post-pregnancy recovery question I had about myself (something about his charm must've made me forget). Safe to say I'll be requesting some female nurse appointments if needed!

Despite it being a struggle, it turns out that getting up and out early made me re-discover some hours in the day. I headed straight off to Mothercare and Morrisons and was home before lunch. Being productive on a Monday morning set me off in the right way for the week ahead and I don't think I stopped from that point onwards. 

I put the finishing touches to the nursery - painting the shelving unit that my dad had fixed and putting the cotbed together. The cotbed sort of takes over the entire room (as expected) and Hugo looks absolutely tiny in it! It's not going to be long until he'll be sleeping in the nursery though. I'll put up another post with pictures of the finished room soon!

Later in the week I had a couple of days painting and gardening in-between Hugo duties. I was able to prep and paint the skirtings, do a first coat on the walls of the dining room and finish a patch in the garden. Prepping is the worst part of decorating as it's so unrewarding, just like weeding is not my favourite thing to do in the garden, so it wasn't much fun. It was also a struggle to decorate with Hugo around so the next coat may not be for a while! 

Adi's mum came over on Tuesday with my nephew Thomas. It was our first proper playdate with the cousins (yes I know Hugo is far too little for proper playdates, but it's cute to think of them playing together). I'd purchased a golf and cricket set the day before from a pound shop which occupied Thomas for a while (£2 well spent) and then we headed to the park. I made the mistake of being a big kid myself and going on the slide which Thomas loved, so I had to keep going on it again and again! I also had to lift him up each time because the bottom step is ridiculously high up which was exhausting! It's been lovely seeing more of Thomas and for him to become more familiar with Adi and I. We'll continue to have frequent playdates and it'll not be long until Thomas and Hugo will be playing together. In the meantime Thomas loves stroking his cousin 'Hoolio' and giving him kisses - too cute.

I headed in to Rothwell on Wednesday and Thursday for meet ups with NCT girls. It's amazing how much difference a few weeks can make for babies! Hugo looks so grown up compared to the younger ones and it made me realise just how much he's changed already. A couple of weeks on at babybuds made such a difference too, Hugo was more alert and taking in his surroundings. There's just one or two more births to go now until all of the NCT group have had their babies! 

On Friday we made it down to Methley Mites, the mums and tots group in the village. Our neighbour had offered to take us along when Hugo was born and I finally felt able to commit to a 9.30am meeting! The group was really welcoming and it was great to start meeting people in the village. It's funny that without realising it, Hugo's already meeting babies that could potentially be his school friends and more. 

The group is a registered charity so the leader jumped on my experience as a fundraiser. Although it's early days I do feel like I should get involved so watch this space..

(12th - 16th May)

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