Tuesday, 13 May 2014

life lately - frustrations, family and friends

When you don't work, weekends and bank holidays don't really matter, the days and weeks just roll into each other. Especially with a husband who works shifts across evenings, weekends and bank holidays. Last week was the first of the two May bank holidays and as Easter was so late this year it's come around fast. 

This bank holiday Monday was possibly the first day that I felt like a proper adult. Forget turning 18, 21, getting married, buying a house or having a baby. This bank holiday wasn't spent nursing a hangover, instead we did a skip run, (the final that we've needed to do since the move, relief!) had the car washed and invited the in-laws over. Adi's mum made a start weeding the garden which in turn got me off my arse and it felt so good to get back to home improvements. The stereotypical bank holiday for a family involves either DIY or a trip to the seaside, so achieving one of these things for some reason made me feel like we'd finally made it! 

I didn't have many plans for the week and thought I'd be on a roll with the garden, but the weather nosedived. Instead I stayed in for two days for the delivery of the wrong cotbed thanks to Argos. So next week I'll have another housebound day when they swap it - joy.

Perhaps I was easily frustrated because of Argos's incompetence, or maybe shopping with a baby, in the rain, is just stressful, but I ended up making two trips to White Rose in order to look half decent for Friday's wedding. I sorted my outfit in the end, opting to recycle an old dress that keeps ripping at the seam with a quick stitch-up and instead spending on heels and a jacket that I can wear again. I also had a couple of sneaky purchases while I was out. I can't keep wearing my beloved maternity jeans as the lack of bump doesn't hold them up, so I needed a bit of a wardrobe revival. I truly will miss my maternity jeans though and am considering a similar design for non-pregnant women, as they hide the muffin top in a way that no other jeans I've found do! Watch this space..  

The week was finished off with a wonderful wedding of one of Adi's school friends and his now wife who I'm happy to call a friend too. Despite missing Hugo more than I ever thought possible, it was a great day. As an atheist I don't usually enjoy church ceremony's, but I really liked the vicars words as they felt more about the couple rather than God. We then enjoyed a magical mystery tour to the reception venue 'Holdsworth House', along minor roads and through a private estate as the roads were gridlocked due to an accident. Thankfully it didn't delay everyone getting to the venue. Each of the speeches were particularly good, but the highlight of the day had to be the best men's speech. They created a video in the style of a news report to dish the dirt on the groom (of which there was plenty), with appearances from all of his friends and family, complete with an introduction from an itv news presenter!

We spent the weekend down in Nottingham for my brother-in-laws birthday bbq. We ended up staying at my parents so they could spend more time with Hugo and had a dossy day at theirs on Sunday before heading for tea at Adi's parents.

I love weekends of family and friends but I can already see how it's going to be difficult to fit everything and everyone in!

(w/c 5th May 2014)

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