Thursday, 22 May 2014

the little things - reaching two months

Ten little things from the last couple of weeks:

1. Smiles, smiles, smiles! The smiles were less frequent before but now he doesn't stop! The bigger smiles I give the bigger smiles I get! He also responds to my voice and movement - the higher the pitch the bigger the smile. Sometimes I'll turn to face him and he'll just have been staring smiling at me - it's a wonderful feeling!

2. When I say smile, I don't just mean a visual thing as it's usually accompanied by lots of gurgles and coos. Some of them sound like a cats meow. He also pants and squeals in excitement when he's smiling in response to something.

3. Seeing his tongue move lots makes me so glad I sorted the tongue tie! He copies your tongue when talking and tries to chat back to us making different noises.

4. He loves being laid down and will kick his legs about and pant with enjoyment. It's especially good if something is over his head that he can look at - either me, a rattle or things hanging from his playgym.

5. We've learned lots of nursery rhymes and songs at baby groups which Hugo loves me singing back to him. I'm gradually getting to know the words and movements but it doesn't really matter as Hugo just loves any sound and movement I make - the higher the pitch the better.

6. He's a bit wriggly when being held unless he's fast asleep. He prefers beings laid down or sat upright. It's getting harder to hold him up for long periods as he's getting heavier, but he can now sit against something with just a little security from me at the side to make sure he doesn't fall! When he is sleepy or relaxed enough for cuddles he's been more willing to be on my chest than before.

7. His poos are settling down to one or two a day. He's most wriggly and frustrated before a poo and at his happiest after! They no longer make a sound but the smell is much stronger so I'm able to change him straight away. There have been a couple of times when he's been constipated so I've used water to get things moving again. 

8. He's way more alert and is awake for most of the day and will sleep more at night. Because he's alert he'll easily be startled by a big noise but won't be too bothered and doesn't notice it a second time.

9. His hair seems to have stopped going lighter and is gradually getting thicker. He had flakey skin on his head a couple of weeks ago but it's all smooth again now.

10. He doesn't like things over his head when getting dressed. He doesn't cry but will wriggle and moan a bit. Although I didn't want to dress him just in blue, there's not been many other options and to be honest, he really suits blue! I end up putting him in the same outfits that I love over and over and some things will hardly be worn!

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