Wednesday, 21 May 2014

life lately - sunshine and smiles

I noticed a huge change in Hugo this week with lots and lots of smiles. Because of all of the groups we've been going to I had lots of new songs in my head so I was singing constantly! The more singing I did, the more smiles I got, so Hugo was incredibly smiley and responsive to me :)

It had been sunny all week but by the weekend the weather was incredibly hot and it was the first time Hugo experienced proper heat. He was a bit hot and bothered and over tired as we'd packed so much in but coped remarkably well.

Here's the other bits from this week:
My friend Frankie popped over on Tuesday evening with the new man in her life Tom. They are making plans to move to London this summer which is kind of odd, as we're switching places. I'm really envious at all the possibilities that lie ahead of her as she makes the move. London was home to some of the best years of my life and all the advice I could offer is enjoy it. It's probably not forever, so you just have to go with it while you can. It's a shame that one of my friends is leaving Leeds as I arrive back, but on the upside Frankie won the award of the most visits to our home (hotel) while we were in London, so I'm sure I can pay her back!

Adi was off on Friday and the sun was beaming so I took him along to St Aidan's for a picnic. It was his first visit and apart from lots of midges, I think he appreciated it like I did. Because of not working I've had the opportunity to do so much more than him which feels strange. I want to fill him in on all of my experiences and take him to the best bits. 

It was lovely having some quality time together, but it was short lived because we were heading off to help Adi's brother and sister in law move house. The weather wasn't ideal (sweat inducing) but better the sun than rain I guess. We emptied the van and cars pretty quickly and were able to use the van to move some garden furniture to ours which was a bonus before Friday night fish and chips.

Sunday was spent with my sister. It was so good to have some time just the two of us (well with Hugo too). Since moving away from London we do less as friends and more as sisters with other family members/ husbands around. While that's great too, it's sometimes good just to be the two of us. We went to Temple Newsam which you can read here, and came home for a BBQ with Adi. I also developed hayfever. I blame the beautiful blossom.

(16th - 18th May)

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