Tuesday, 1 April 2014

and they lived happily ever after

Today is three years since Adi proposed. We had been talking about our future and knew that we wanted a family, Adi had just turned 30 and it seemed like a pivotal moment.

In the last three years we've paid off debt, saved and paid for a wedding, saved and bought a house and had a beautiful baby boy. Although we hadn't known at the time where we would end up and exactly how we'd make it all happen, somehow we've achieved the three things we prioritised.

The last three years have been tough both financially and emotionally. It will continue to be tough until I secure a job and I still yearn for London. But because we've worked hard to make it happen and have done it all ourselves, it feels even more rewarding.

I now can't wait to enjoy what we have and live the life we've created together.  

toasting our engagement

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