Monday, 28 April 2014

diamond wedding celebrations

Today we drove down to Langar Hall in Nottinghamshire to celebrate (belatedly in part due to Hugo's arrival) the 60th wedding anniversary of my incredible grandparents which was last month.

Having just sold their villa in Spain, they treated 35 family and close friends to a slap up meal at the beautiful Langar Hall. Not being a big foody myself and having a baby in tow meant there are no pics of food and very few overall, but I'm told by the more foody types that it was top nosh.

Among the guests were friends of Grandma going back 79 years from when they were 3! As if 60 years of marriage wasn't impressive enough! The remarkable thing was that not only were two ladies vying for the place of Grandma's oldest friend, but there were also four of her school friends there too, along with more recent friends as a couple. I've always been in awe of my Grandma's ability to maintain true friendships and can only hope that the friendships that mean the world to me will last as long! Grandpa's best man sadly passed away however his son attended - how amazing that the family still value my grandparents. 

As well as great food, cake, sunshine and family, we were treated to a vintage car rally driving through the grounds. Below is my fave - a Chitty Chitty Bang Bang style!

Hugo was naturally the VIP guest and had lots of attention and cuddles. Everyone remarked at how amazing he is as he didn't cry once, which was a lovely reminder if how lucky we are to have such a placid baby! 

After the speeches we were presented with the vintage trike that I played with as a child, just as my dad did before me, at the family home and business - Peacock Farm. The trike used to be battered and rusty but my grandma has had it lovingly restored to its former glory. It will be passed down to all of Hugo's cousins and siblings to enjoy and is a wonderful family heirloom. 

Days like today remind me of just how lucky I am to have such a wonderful loving family and how important there happiness and health is. 

Although a very happy day, my Grandpa did amazingly well to attend having had a stroke the week before, and my mum was in an intense amount of pain with an infection. I go to be tonight with my fingers crossed that she wakes tomorrow with signs of improvement and the doctors get to the bottom of it prompto.

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