Friday, 4 April 2014

the little things - the first two weeks

Pictures can be wonderful to capture some moments, but they often miss the day-to-day, tiny details that I don't want to forget. 

Here is a list of the little things I've loved from Hugo's first two weeks:

- he rarely cries and just makes random cute noises as he stirs to be fed
- he let's out sighs, like 'oh my life's so hard' when he's had to work at the boob or is tired
- when he sneezes, both arms and legs lift up for each sneeze
- occasionally he will miss a sneeze at the end which comes out as a funny noise
- he gets the hiccups sometimes after feeding and looks so unimpressed
- noises don't wake him but when I coughed while he was feeding he cried for about a minute 
- I love just watching him sleep and make cute gurgling noises
sleeping with his hands above his head
- the movement in his hands and arms is really expressive - perhaps a future pianist or dancer
- he smiles when he's windy and I've had glimpses of a dimple on his lower right cheek
- his eyes gradually focus and follow, occasionally going cross-eyed when there is too much to take in 
- sometimes one side of his mouth lifts up on it's own
- his grumpy face is so cute, with his nose and mouth scrunched up
- he gets bed head on one side when he's woken up
- he looks so chilled out when he sleeps with his arms above his head
pulling at his face during a feed
- before feeding he'll pant faster and faster
- he tries to eat his hands when he's routing for the boob
- if ravenous he'll shake his head from side to side when trying to latch on
- he grabs his face really hard when feeding, as if the harder he grabs the more milk he'll get
- when he comes off the boob he has a funny puckered face as his lips come over the nipple
- he will then head-butt my boob and use them as a pillow with a big sigh of satisfaction
- I love staring at his face as it changes from satisfaction to smiles and grumpy when he's windy
post-feed satisfaction
- sometimes he hates his nappy being changed, but other times he is content
- at the moment he doesn't like a bath or being cleaned with water
- he often stretches out and concentrates when about to poo
- sometimes he will poo three times in a row (while Adi's on nappy duty)
- despite advice from mums of boys, we've still had peeing incidents while he's being changed
windy, smiley face

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