Monday, 21 April 2014

life lately - Easter with family and friends

Long evenings and a few lazy days:
I had the first day since Hugo was born with no plans and it was ace! I stayed in my pjs all day and caught up on sleep while Hugo napped, we chilled and started getting used to life as just the two of us. 

Adi had changed his shift from day to evening to come along to his tongue tie appointment, but that meant that he ended up having to work evenings for most of the week. The timing wasn't great as it just so happened that Hugo really struggled with wind each of those evenings, so I was literally counting down the minutes for him to be home so that I could be relieved of winding/ rocking for hours. 

One evening I tried to go for a walk thinking I'd get some air in his lungs and tire him out a bit. He cried the whole way, which is really out of character for such a placid baby, so I ended up sitting on a rock to feed him by the river! I had a few random glances for passers by, but at least I got to watch the sun go down (even if I was surrounded by midges)! I put him in the car another evening to get him to sleep. It worked a treat and I managed to get him out of the car and straight into his moses without a stir. Desperate times.. 

A visit from Izzy and Good Friday:
My good friend Izzy came to stay on Thursday. Hugo was a bit of a wriggly baby that day - he had been since the tongue tie - but Iz managed a few cuddles when he was settled and we had a great lunch at Giraffe in the Trinity Centre. I've loved having people around who will take me as they find me, which Iz does thankfully!

The next day was perhaps my most difficult yet, due to the build up of sleepless nights and not being able to nap in the morning. I took it out on Adi, naturally(!) but managed to perk myself up for a visit from our friends Sean and Karina. I finished the day baking brownies (it was Good Friday after all) and watching Frozen (for the 2nd time - gotta love a good singing Disney film).

Easter weekend family time:
I headed home on Saturday for a couple of nights as it was Easter and Adi was working. I felt bad taking Hugo away from him but at least he could catch up on lots of work and sleep without us.

Saturday was spent visiting my Nanna in the day and at Hunky Dory with my siblings and parents in the evening. Layla and Rich hosted Easter Sunday so we all met there for a roast and cake. On the way back I popped in to my grandparents for a few hours and also saw my auntie and cousin, so I really managed to pack in lots of family.

My grandpa had just had a mild stroke on the Friday, luckily he had no damage but was tucked up in bed (quite a feat to get him to stay there) and was struggling with transitioning from vertical to horizontal. He's not usually a baby person, but my grandma took Hugo in for a cuddle and it was lovely to see Hugo enthralled as he sang songs to him!

Looking forward:
Next Easter will be when I start putting some traditions in place for Hugo. This year it went by without so much as an egg.. well I did have one but as it was in my position a good week before Easter it didn't stand a chance. I'm going to write another post about planing my own traditions at some point, I loved Easter egg hunts as a child!

(14th - 20th April)

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