Saturday, 26 April 2014

discovering Yorkshire - Trinity Kitchen, Leeds

Today I met up with an old friend from cinema days and his gorgeous other half. I realised that it's been five years since living in Leeds for uni and the city has completely changed. They suggested meeting at Trinity Kitchen in the new Trinity centre.

I loved it! It reminded me of the Spitalfields food court crossed with the food courts in the Westfield Shopping Centres. The ceiling is like a warehouse, with lots of different lighting hanging down, each food station is vastly different, with shabby huts, vehicles and open stations where you can see the food being prepared. The seating is also varied and it was jam packed so finding a seat was the first task.

The next task was choosing from the vast array of cuisine. There is Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Indian and British, American and Italian staples to name but a few. There is also a bar, coffee and baked goods. I went with a hotdog and fries - next time I promise to be more adventurous! 

One of the best discoveries was the feeding station, complete with sink, bottle warner and microwave. The toilets also have a changing room and even a chill out room! I'll definitely be using these when out and about in Leeds, even if I don't plan to eat, as it's open for anyone. (I'm sure I can always manage a chocolate brownie if needs be - tried and tested!)

Aside from Trinity Kitchen, the Trinity centre also has most high street shops that you need, great lift access (important when with a pram!), restaurants, bars and the Everyman cinema. It's therefore going to be a great place to visit anytime of day. 

I'm planning to take Adi for our first date night post Hugo. I may even treat us to the cinema - a novelty after seven years of free tickets!

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