Tuesday, 22 April 2014

the little things - reaching one month

It's incredible to see every tiny development before our eyes. It happens so quickly and as much as I can't wait for certain big milestones, I want to savour each moment! Here's some of those little things from two weeks to one month.

- he coughed and it came out as a laugh
- a couple of times he's sounded like he's giggling when catching his breath
- when Popa Need was describing a tinned/microwaved meal when he was working away, Hugo let out a 'urgh' sound, after being silent for hours - perfect timing
- snoring to rival his daddy!
- he's found his voice a little more, particularly since the tongue tie snip and can certainly let out a proper cry now!
- in the fourth week he's been much more vocal with lots more noises, moaning, grunts, oohs and aahs
- he is more alert to sounds which will make him startle or rouse if half asleep
- he's much louder on the boob, with a squeaky noise as he's sucking
- he's very noisy when pooing, often moaning, rolling around and grunting before with lots of farting and wet poo noises!
- he loves being talked to but even better, sung to - songs I've been singing include 'Edelweiss', 'Doh Ray Me', 'Kum Ba Yah', 'Twinkle Twinkle' and 'Silent Night' - probably not the right words and completely random!
concentrating on something...
- he's even more smiley due to wind, but the smiles are starting to happen at other times-
- he can stand up when being held and push himself off you with his legs
- when he's overtired or hungry he will be very wriggly
- he can focus and follow us, looking into our eyes rather than just the eyebrows
- we've started to do daily tummy time and he can support his head and turn to the side
- he's incredibly strong when upright too, holding his head up
- he will happily lie on his play matt for up to an hour at a time
- the black and white patterns and light/ shadows are his favourite
- he's not so happy in his bouncer seat and won't last for long without being bounced
- when he's lying in the pram he'll put his arms out to steady himself
- he'll fall asleep in the car straight away - which has been useful at times!
focusing on the black and white 'Cookie cat'
- his latch is off and on and I have to support him very well to ensure a good latch
- if Adi picks him up when he's hungry he'll try to eat his nose
- in the evenings he'll get more trapped wind and can often be fractious
- he's been having lots of reflux too but it has started to calm down
the favourite winding position
- he's a lot more settled having his nappy changed, unless he's really hungry!
- he now loves the bath, but hates being taken out of the water and put in the towel
- he'll often be sick while being changed, and will sometimes pee too
finally settled after bath time
- his limbs are still very long and he's thin but there aren't as many folds to fill
- the darker hair is falling out and the hair left is turning much lighter
- he still looks like his dad, particularly his mouth and eyes
- the shape of his face is more like mine and we think he's got my double crown
one of many happy and content facial expressions

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