Friday, 25 April 2014

breastfeeding - my summary

We intended to mix breast and bottle for a while, but I was struggling with knowing how much milk he was taking and decided it would be easier to encourage him to get into a more manageable routine if we used just the bottle. As I'm finding expressing okay at the moment, I'm giving him the majority breastmilk with one formula feed a day. I'll gradually increase the formula over the coming weeks. This will also make it easier for me to go away for my first weekend without him when he'll be 12 weeks.

So, has breastfeeding been worth the emotional and physical roller coaster? In a word, yes. Focusing on and working at breastfeeding was my priority and I knew it wasn't going to be easy. Despite only solely breastfeeding for a month, he's had the best possible start and he'll continue to get expressed breastmilk as long as my milk supply allows.

The best bits:
  • Looking down at my satisfied baby, knowing that we worked at it together - an amazing feeling.
  • Post-feed cuddles with his satisfied face and the satisfied sigh.
  • A special bond, lots of time for close contact.
  • Sensing him stirring and putting him straight on the boob before there is any need to cry.
  • Feeding on the go, not having to spend time and money on formula.
  • Weight loss - it's really true what they say, I could feel my uterus contracting and I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight by week 3, still eating whatever I liked within reason!
  • That's without all of the proven health benefits to both of us.
The bad:
  • Establishing the supply - engorged boobs.
  • Leaking boobs through breast pads.
  • Cluster feeding taking up each evening - absolutely exhausting!
  • Physically tiring from holding him up, arm and back ache. 
  • No ability for someone else to feed and no rest for more than 2.5 hours between the longest feeds.
  • Not being able to have a drink or leave Hugo!
  • Feeding in public - trying to be discreet with huge boobs and a wriggly baby!
I didn't think I'd mind taking him off the boob, but I do miss the closeness and need to ensure we have some tummy time to make up for it!

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