Saturday, 5 April 2014

meeting in the middle - Rufford Country Park

We decided to go for a walk today, the sun was shining and it was one of Adi's last days of paternity leave.

We received a text from my brother in law to say they were heading to Rufford Country Park if we'd like to join, it's an hour away from us so we figured we may as well. This is the first of many posts to come of the places we'll meet up in-between Leeds and Nottingham/Newark/London.

Rufford is a great place to stop for a picnic, slightly quieter than the neighbouring Clumber Park. It has a pretty house and gardens, cafe and a big lake to walk around.

The pram wasn't really needed as Hugo was mainly carried by his doting auntie and uncle! 

We'd intended just to pop down and head straight back again, but as my mum was poorly and couldn't visit us, I couldn't bare to drive all that way and not go the extra half hour to see her. Particularly as she was alone as my dad was working away. 

She was so pleased to see us (we didn't tell her, just turned up) and it really lifted her mood. She was writing a letter to Hugo as we arrived and was longing to see him. 

As we'd planned a day of rest and some quality time before Adi went back, it was a very fleeting visit so we didn't let anyone else know. I felt bad but sometimes you have to be selfish so that we don't take on too much and so Hugo isn't treated like a doll constantly being passed around!

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