Monday, 28 April 2014

life lately - a week of lazy days and lovely lunches

Lazy days:
I came home on Monday just before Adi got home from work. He was SO happy to see Hugo and had lots and lots of cuddles!

The rest of the week was thankfully pretty chilled and the sun was shining! We pottered in the garden thinking about what we were going to do to it, went on a couple of walks around the village and focused on a routine for Hugo. I wish we had the money this year to update the garden, but we're starting to think about what we can do now in preparation for next year when we'd like to put some decking down. So far it's mainly been thinking rather than doing, so it could be a while before there is anything to update on! 

On Friday I realised that I hadn't really done much that week, I needed a week like that after so much going on, but I thought it was about time to make plans locally, to fill my days with Hugo now that everything had settled down. I contacted a couple of the girls from NCT and sorted meet ups for the following week. 

Lovely lunches: 
On Tuesday we went for lunch with Adi's parents, bro, sis in law and nephew. I felt bad that I'd taken Hugo down to my family for the entire weekend, but as all of the Pauley boys had worked over the bank holiday, they all had the Tuesday off work which worked out really well. It was a shame it was raining as we would have liked to venture further afield, but you can't beat good pub grub.

Our weekend activities deserved posts of their own, so here's the links. On Saturday I headed into Leeds to the wonderful Trinity Kitchen. While I was out I printed some photos of Hugo for my grandparents anniversary present, which I have to them at their celebratory meal the following day.  Narrowing down pics of Hugo wasn't an easy task, I've probably taken well over 1,000 in five weeks, on top of the amazing photos that Sam took!

A couple of nappy nightmares: 
We had a few incidents this week. At the meal Hugo weed on the table and later that day he pooed in the bath! It's a good job I'm not squeamish!

(21st - 27th April)

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