Sunday, 20 April 2014

hospital bag

I did a lot of research about what to pack for the hospital, it turns out that really I didn't need much. Had I been in hospital for longer I could've / would've sent Adi home for more items, so there's no need to pack with a view to staying as long as everything is accessible. We turned up with bags of stuff which just made it harder to find the essentials and way more to carry!

To wear:

  • Nighty x 2 - one for during labour and one for after. I personally wouldn't bother with pjs as it's good to have easy access!
  • Night nursing bra - these are kind of like the bras you get when you've just developed boobs and I wish I'd discovered them years ago. They keep you in place without the discomfort of a full bra.
  • Pants - get big pants that fit maternity pads, but not so big that they feel baggy.
  • Slippers - you'll definitely want slip on slippers that you can get someone else to put on you - far easier than dealing with socks when your feet get cold an great to walk around in.
  • Dressing gown - great to keep warm and be discreet when breastfeeding. 
Going home outfit:
  • Tight fitting strappy top so that you feel well held in and can slip it down to feed. 
  • Maternity bra - you could still get away with a comfortable night nursing bra if you're not walking far. 
  • A stretchy skirt that will slip over whatever size your belly ends up + leggings if it's cold.
  • Slip-on pumps.
  • Zip up hoody.
During labour:
  • Flannel x 2 - one to use and one to have ready to swap over. The hospital room was really hot so it was great to cool down and also turned out to be useful to bite and scream in to!
  • Straws - very useful when you can't use your hands to hold a bottle or cup.
  • Juice and water - in bottles.
  • Sweets, crisps, biscuits and chewing gum - they last and you'll want something to boost your energy after birth. 
  • Camera, phone and charger.
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste, face wipes / baby wipes, hair brush, dry shampoo, bobble, grips and hand mirror.
For baby:
  • 3 x newborn (unless you're expecting a huge baby) vests and sleepsuits - I'd go with white.
  • Hat and mittens - better still are sleepsuits with integrated mittens. 
  • Cardigan and a blanket.
  • Thin banket for the hospital.
  • Changing bag with nappies (smallest size), wipes, nappy bags and anti-bac gel.
  • Car-seat - remember not only to fit it before, but also to work out how to adjust the straps, it'll save you a lot of time and stress when you're brain is fried after birth! 
For partner:
  • Phone, charger, money, toothbrush and their patience.
Optional others:
  • Birth ball - perhaps could have been useful in the early stages but I preferred walking around and rolling around on the bed - the idea of balancing didn't do it for me.
  • Tens machine - didn't work for me but I know people who loved it and wouldn't have got by otherwise!
  • Sanitary towels - I used the hospitals but you may prefer more discreet pads.
  • Towel and showering toiletries - I didn't fancy showering in hospital as I was out the same afternoon, but had I stayed, use of my own towel would've been good.

Don't forget the notes and ensure your partner is aware of your birth 'plan'.

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