Monday, 31 March 2014


Very soon after the delivery of the placenta we were left on our own until around 8am when the new midwife was on shift.

The midwife (Sue) who had been with me through labour was fantastic. She said that she used to be a community midwife and had realised that I’d wanted a similar environment to the homebirths she had done, based on wanting to be on the floor with mood lighting. She was very intuitive and I made sure to thank her as she made it such a good experience for me. She said that I’d make the perfect candidate for a home birth.

Shall I think about a home birth for our next baby? I think I was calmer once I got to hospital knowing that I had all of the medical help there if required. As much as it would have been nice to save travelling to and from hospital, it just felt right to be there and probably saved a bit of a clean-up at home too! I was very lucky to have my own room and no time on a ward, so perhaps had I been in hospital for longer a homebirth would be tempting.

The next midwife came in and was a little more of the overly sweet, patronising kind – I’m so glad I didn’t have her for the delivery! She said that I could go by 11am providing I could pee and the baby was fine. I got up almost immediately to pee, determined not to go on to the ward! I then just had to wait for the doctor to check Hugo. They also had to check his blood group from the cord as I am O- blood type. He was O+ so I had to have another injection.

Mum and Dad had left shortly after the delivery to go back to ours to sleep and Adi’s parents popped over to meet Hugo. I spent time trying to feed him and had the F.A.B. breastfeeding 'angel's' advice and guidance to help. There was no signal so Adi left the room a few times to update family, but I couldn’t get in touch with anyone which felt odd!

It took a long time for a doctor to examine Hugo and she also asked for a 2nd opinion on his heart so we weren't done until about 2pm. By lunch my sister was with us, having driven straight up from London. Hugo also did his first poo which was incredible! When they say ‘tar-like’ they aren’t kidding!

Just as we were able to go, we realised that the car seats straps were too short. It took Adi and Layla two degrees, Google, an instruction booklet and about half an hour to figure it out! It was a good job Layla was with us as she figured it out in the end.

As far as births go I had an 'easy birth' however I have told Adi that he can't say that, as it's still giving birth and called labour for a reason! In Adi's words I 'nailed it'.

I honestly believe that you can help yourself. I remained calm and went into my own zone, ignoring my surroundings and trying to focus on managing the pain. I tried not to panic or get stressed and I followed my body's lead.

Before I left hospital I already knew I’d go through it again, it’s amazing how hormones and a baby at the end of it make you forget the pain.

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