Friday, 14 March 2014

maternity modelling

Adi's oldest friend Sam is a photographer in his spare time. He was keen to take some maternity shots to try out some new ideas on me, so came over a couple of weeks ago for the day with his lovely wife and kids in tow.

I have to say that the idea of getting my belly out isn't something I'm used to. Like my mum says, I've never had a flat stomach, even when I did a lot of dancing I always had a somewhat rotund belly. I think for that reason I decided to go for it, because I was actually proud of my bump and for once in my life didn't care what it looked like, just what was in it!

Sam set up a studio in our living room to begin with and we started with a few shots in casual clothes. I was pretty nervous to begin with, not helped with a new haircut that I wasn't too pleased with, but Sam has a way of making you laugh and putting you at ease.

Before I knew it I was walking about in one of Adi's shirts, with a boob tube as a skirt, climbing in to the loft in the search of an old tutu (inspired by a photo on pinterest). We had fun recreating some shots that we'd found and although I'm not one for props and gimmicks, some of them turned out to be my favourites.


After the indoor shots Adi returned from work and we went for a walk along the river near to our house to get some of us both. These are much more my normal style and will be a great memory of us enjoying the bump. Have a look at Sam's website for some more shots, I've also been informed that there will be more to come so watch this space!

It was a lovely day and great to spend time with friends who we didn't see much of while living down south. Not to mention the parenting lessons we learned on the day - it's safe to say I slept solidly that night!

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