Thursday, 13 March 2014

turning point

Life is currently at a turning point.

I'm 39 weeks + 3 days pregnant. Last year I made a massive decision to leave a life I loved in London so that we could buy a house and settle to have children nearer my family in Nottingham. Yet I'm currently sat in my new house in a village just outside of Leeds, feeling somewhat overwhelmed and in limbo, far away from friends, my favourite city of London and not quite on the doorstep of my family. This was never in my plan and planning is in my bones, but I've come to realise that you have to just go with life and wherever it takes you.

I've decided to write a blog so that I have a space for me. I know that in the next few days or weeks, I'll not just be Sasha any more, I'll be a mum and my identity will therefore change. I'm often a grass is greener kind of girl, but I hope writing helps me to reflect on my own life and ensure I remember the things that make me happy.

So here's to my new life and living each day a little fuller.

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