Wednesday, 26 March 2014

what a difference a day makes

I started writing this last week but didn't get around to posting it. Lots has happened since then so it now seems insignificant, but it was the last day spent with mum before becoming a mum myself, and one I want to remember.

Wednesday should have been a shit day. It set itself up to be. I was awake from 4am, incredibly tired and frustrated with another dull, lonely day ahead of me. The night before Adi and I were sure labour was imminent. We'd been for a walk, played on the swings, had a curry and contractions were starting. I felt like my waters broke on the loo at 4am and timed contractions that were getting closer together through until the morning.

It turned out to be nothing.

I had to stay awake for a midwife appointment which was another frustration. The girl before me went into labour (my insides were crying why wasn't that me!!) which meant I didn't see my own midwife and had to wait a long time for another to arrive. It was a frantic appointment with four people in the room and I was given vague dates for sweeps and inductions which was making them seem more of a possibility. With the lack of sleep I was just frustrated and wanting the baby to come!

It's amazing how you can battle through tiredness and turn things around if you choose to. I'd chatted to my mum in the morning to keep her in the loop that I thought things may be starting, but at about that time things ground to a halt and I realised that it was fuss over nothing. Mum decided to come up to see me after work anyway and I'm so glad she did. She can always sense when I'm in need of perking up.

We went to the cafe in my village (which is entitled to it's own post soon as it's basically the reason why I'm living here) for a late lunch, cake and a chat before heading to a park in the next town to us. It was my first visit to Springfield Park in Rothwell and it will be a great place to go with bump. It has a massive play area, tennis courts, picnic benches, exotic birds, a stream that we can play Pooh Sticks in, a garden area and it's pretty expansive - we only covered a tiny bit of it. Although we're living in countryside, I love parks and it's one of the things I miss about London. My closest park was Brockwell and this one reminded me of it with the hill and gardens.

We had a walk and some time on the swings before picking up some essentials from the high street, a couple of books for bump from a charity shop and some daffodils. Although it wasn't the first day of Spring, it really felt like it with the scent of blossom, flowers in bloom, sunshine and a refreshing (okay pretty windy) breeze.

We finished our day with a nap before Adi came home. It felt so good to tuck up and nap because I'd actually warranted one, rather than just napping for napping's sake.

Adi and I headed over to friends for the evening, it's great to be able to pop over now we're only 20mins away and rounded off a perfect day.

Sometimes you have to force yourself out to enjoy some simple pleasures and get those endorphins flowing. Thanks mum x

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