Sunday, 16 March 2014

soaking up the skies

I can never get enough of a beautiful sunset. Because they don't last, they set my heart racing and I just want to drink them up before they go. When I'm away, finding the perfect location to watch the sun go down is always a must.

Over the last two evenings from my living room and bedroom I've been able to view the most amazing red skies over the treetops. The view may not be quite as spectacular as some locations, but the positioning of our house means that there is a perfect gap where no houses sit to admire the view from the comfort of my bed or sofa. 

I'd love to capture a stunning sunset image to go in our bathroom, so I'll try to get out into the Yorkshire countryside at some point and get some tips from photographer friends. I particularly love the light shining through bare branches of trees, which reminds me of stencilling at school. 

For the time being, knowing that impending motherhood won't allow me to get out and about much in the evenings, I'm very happy to discover that I can soak up the skies from the comfort of home. 

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