Thursday, 13 March 2014

nine long months

Each stage of pregnancy soon made me forget the last and as the bump could be making an arrival any day now, I want to write down some memories from the experience so that I don't forget them.

The decision to have a baby when we did was one of the most unplanned, yet planned things I've ever done. We were living with parents, I was in a contract job, Adi was commuting from Notts to London and we barely saw much of each other. I'm not usually a risk taker, but we decided to go for it anyway and hadn't imagined it would happen quite as quickly as it did!

The picture above was in the very early days before everyone knew. I'm not sure I feel like I've bonded with the baby yet and don't think I will until he's here, but it made me feel an even closer bond with Adi immediately.

Some of the highlights:
  • Telling friends and family, in particular my parents as they will be grandparents for the first time and my mum is an overly-excitable person!
  • Seeing the baby on the monitor during scans, realising he had boys bits and hearing his heartbeat, it's so magical, freaky, special and scary all rolled together.
  • Finding that I wasn't the massive mamma to be I thought I would be (until the last two weeks anyway)!
  • Feeling the bump kick and move. The best moment was when he moved in response to Adi's rendition of 'In The Jungle' from the Lion King. We're yet to figure out if he was kicking him away or kicking along. Mumford and Sons also seemed to be a favourite, I wonder if that'll be the same when he hears it outside of the womb!
  • Dylan's bond with me and the bump.
  • Choosing a name, it's such an important decision but Adi and I agreed on a name very quickly which helped turn the bump into a little person inside of me.
  • Generous hand-me-downs/ purchase bargains so that I haven't had to splash out too much.
  • Pregnancy jeans, they are the comfiest things ever. I hope I can continue to wear mine for some time to come..
Some of the harder bits:
  • Sore boobs - although I doubt that was anything in comparison to breastfeeding - I'll wait and see.
  • Nausea and sickness, 17 weeks of it to be precise (although half a stone weight loss was worrying at the time, it turned out to be a pleasant upside).
  • Back ache, with a physically demanding time at work and a house move rolled in with it.
  • Heartburn, gas, belching and burping!
  • Pelvic pain, turning over in bed becomes an ordeal and you would not believe how often in life you need to stand on one leg. 
  • Increased hormones making job-changes and house purchases even more stressful.
  • Shopping for a nursing bra. Seriously, if the Department for Health would like to encourage more people to breastfeed, working with bra manufacturers would be a good start. I managed to find this one in Bravissimo which the model pulls off, but the bra works with, instead of against gravity, as well as stretching you out sideways, so the look on me is somewhat different. 
I'll wrap up, apparently 9 months is a very long time for one post. All in all I've had a pretty smooth ride. At the time the nausea was horrendous but I've been very lucky.

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