Saturday, 9 August 2014

Layla's 30th celebrations

Last weekend was spent celebrating Layla's 30th. Saturday was a BBQ with friends, Sunday a walk in Rushcliffe Country Park and Monday a picnic and boat ride at Rutland Water followed by a family dinner in Newark.

It was hit and miss whether we'd all be able to make it as Hugo had been incredibly poorly with sickness the week leading up to it. We managed to attend in the end but mum was poorly for the party. We don't think it was linked to Hugo, but she sure came out in sympathy which was really rubbish.

I couldn't think of a good present for Layla, without it being an 'experience' and whilst that would be great, time is not on my side at the moment and I couldn't justify what I'd want to do as it would involve treating both me and Layla! So, instead of having to think of one decent present, I decided to buy 30 smaller presents, so that there was a fun element to the pressie opening at least.

Me and mum weren't able to plan too much, but we made sure there was a piƱata, balloons, Layla face masks and a childhood birthday inspired picnic in a birds box during the celebrations.

30 seemed a bigger stage for Layla than for most, I feel like it's the age that she'll just live, rather than working towards something - her degree, PGCE, NQT year or masters. We never really celebrated the later few of her achievements, so the weekends activities felt even more important. Plus, the party was also a house warming as they officially moved from London into their cottage the week before.

If you're interested, here's a link to Layla's attempt of achieving a list of 30 things before she reached 30. The one I'm most envious of is travelling to 30 countries. I'd have my work cut out to do that in the next 3.5 years! I wonder what my own list would look like.. I do love lists.

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  1. Loving this round-up of my amazing birthday weekend - I have been thoroughly spoilt! I am doing my own blog post about my birthday and am shamelessly stealing some of your photos...