Monday, 25 August 2014

have baby, will... work

Dream job sounds cliche and OTT, because yes, I'm sure there are better paid jobs out there that would involve travel, musicals and food, but that's sort of what I feel about the job that I recently applied for and have managed to secure. Rather than 'dream job' perhaps I should say ideal, because right now it's my ideal job, ideal for where I am in my life and the experience I can offer.

I'd been keeping my eyes open as the need to return to work when my maternity pay ended in the Autumn was always on my mind. The role that I'd been looking out for came up, but a little sooner than desired and... full time. I really wanted to secure a part time position so that I could spend more quality time with Hugo, but I knew that the likelihood of a part time position was slim to none. It's much easier to negotiate part time hours when already in a role I guess. 

Despite my baby brain waffle, a telephone interview, presentation and two interviews later, I managed to secure the role. Although I asked if they would consider part time in my application, they said they could only offer full time, however they were kind enough to allow a phased return, with part time hours until October. 

It was a huge consideration. I've never seen this role advertised before and it's exactly what I've been looking for. Added to which, I haven't seen any part time roles that I could apply for, so to go part time would likely be a minimum wage job, not using any of my skills or experience.

So I went for it and I start tomorrow! I'm excited to start part time, the team seem lovely, I got really good vibes and I think the role and organisation will suit me. I admit I am absolutely dreading full time, but I just need to make every minute with Hugo count and make it work.

I took some big risks to start a family when I did and although it wasn't quite to plan, I have the most perfect baby and my life has turned around for the better. I feel truly happy. I am sure I will feel judgement and guilt, but things happen for a reason and I'm excited for our next chapter.

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